Another staple in our home is Cheerios. The Cheerio takes many forms in our family. Jasper eats the original cheerio as his favorite finger food. Aidan has to have “Buzzy, Buzzy Cheerios” each morning for breakfast. These are, of course, Honey Nut Cheerios to the rest of us. The Bee on the box makes them “Buzzy, Buzzy”. Gracyn likes the fruit flavored O’s as a good Fruit Loop Substitute. As much as we all love the O, I need some ideas on finger foods to give Jasper as he can only eat so many Cheerios! I can’t remember what all I gave the other kids at this stage. I’m slowly hitting that point where I am tired of making baby food. I love giving my kids the best I can give them, yet making the purees can be time comsuming. At 10 months of age, Jasper is ready to begin feeding himself more. So far we have stuck to Cheerios, Gerber Puffs and Sweet Peas. Jasper has just the two teeth so he isn’t ready for too many challenges. I’d love to hear what your favorite tried and true (and healthy) finger food ideas are from some of the Moms out there.
(I was impressed today by the Chick-Fil-A in Peachtree City. This CFA goes the extra mile time and time again. They actually had little cups of Cheerios out in a basket for all the babies dining with their families! For Free!)


  1. My thoughts are- avocado, peaches- anything soft like that, and cheese toast cut into small cubes…

    I’m just getting caught up on the peanut saga- crazy! Here are a few of my thoughts for lunch; it’s always hard to be creative when that time of day rolls around! We like toasted turkey and cheese on pita for lunch, or pita and hummus and carrots and bell pepper. Egg salad is always good, and of course smoothies and broccoli:). Oh, and tortilla rollups are another good option- with cream cheese, turkey, tomatoes, spinach- pretty much anything you want.

    That’s great about the CFA and the Cheerios! They do that now at the talaat, too:)

  2. Well if it’s just for the sake of keeping the mouth busy, but you’re not really concerned about intake, let him gnaw a whole jumbo carrot. Christine, the more sensible of us two, also reminds me that our girls liked working their gums over large chunks of dried papaya that we found in health food stores in the States. Or, try filling little mesh bags with fruit or vegetables. Either the carrot or the papaya will last through many gummings.

    Oh yeah, and rice cakes. Quaker rice cakes “melt” in the mouth leaving nothing solid to choke on.

  3. LivingFree says:

    The Pampered Chef food chopper will mince most anything into baby finger food. I use it for fruit at the stage you are at and later for meat.

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