Tarena wants to know what is lurking in our spice cabinets…so I will take her up on the request! First, I have to say that my spice cabinet is my favorite cabinet in my house. I love the smell when I open it up. I can smell a blend of many spices and it always comforts me…or makes me hungry. I feel like I am still building a well stocked spice cabinet since we were forbidden to bring any food items with us in our shipment from Thailand. So I had to give all my spices away…which was quite an expensive gift! I think my Thai friend Yaa was the receipient of the lion’s share of my goodies. I hope she is enjoying them. So what I currently have is:
Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt
Italian spice mix
Rosemary…my favorite!
Chicken Rub
Steak Rub
Pork Rub
Montreal seasoning
Curry Powder…reminds me of Singapore’s streets
Red pepper flakes
Bay Leaves
Chinese Five Spice
I guess that isn’t too bad of a list. The only ones I can see that I lack are Sage, Cream of Tartar (for snickerdoodles) and Sea Salt.


  1. Our growing family says:

    I am adding you onto my list of blogs-I hope you don’t mind…I just never get over to brigets links and so I rarely get to your site…this will make it so much easier to see what your family is up too…seems like we have a lot of similarities too!
    I too need some Cream of Tartar (I never have it when I need it!) and some Sea Salt!

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