Peanuts have been a staple of our family in one form or another for years. The kids practically live off PB&J sandwiches! However, it appears as if this little nut will have to be banned from our home. Gracyn has had hives for the past month and we could not figure out what has caused them. We have been eliminating all the things we have changed such as conditioners and laundry soaps and the hives persist. On a whim we decided to look at peanut butter even though Gracyn has eaten it since she was one year old. She has been on a peanut break for a few days and yesterday I gave her a PB&J sandwich and she developed welts. I don’t understand how a kid who has eaten peanuts all her life can suddenly have an allergy but it looks like the case for her. I don’t know how far we will need to go in avoiding nuts but for now we will need to cut them out. I suppose I will have to come up with more lunch ideas for the kids. Any suggestions?


  1. hey,
    have you ever tried apple and cheese sandwhiches, add advocasdo instead of apple and it’s good too and easy! other faves of ours are egg salad and who can forget grilled cheese? bummer G can’t eat p-nuts, but maybe she’ll grow out of it?

  2. you can make quick cheese quesadillas:) only takes a few minutes and they are yummy

  3. Oh, that’s a bummer. Before we introduced peanut butter, we gave Brennan soynut butter and cashew nut butter, which taste pretty good. I don’t know how allergies work, though, and whether there are other nuts you’ll also have to avoid.

  4. Crystal: That’s a new one. I’ll give it a try.

    Lisa: We’ve been doing the quesadillas since G was a baby. They are good and we like them so I guess we will have to use them more. Cheese was expensive in Thailand and therefore we did PBJ.

    Brea: Hmmm…I wonder if we could use those other butters? I read that peanut allergies can also ban cashews, soy and almond but who knows? We still aren’t 100% sure of anything yet.

  5. Peanuts are in a different family than cashews, walnuts, almonds, etc. Peanuts are legumes, while the rest are true nuts. Often kids will be allergic to peanuts and not to the other kind of nuts. I have several friends whose kids are that way. The trick, though, is that you have to still read labels carefully b/c often the other nut-containing products are processed in the same plant with peanuts. As someone with many allergies myself, I will pray for Gracyn!


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