Today we strolled the quaint streets of downtown Newnan. One shop that we enjoy stopping by is The Vintage Flea. This shop is full of antiques, artsy items and things being “repurposed”. One of Gracyn’s favorite aspects of the shop is the “seashell shelf”. There is a large shelf with glass jars containing a variety of pretty polished shells. Gracyn bought a turbo shell the day after Christmas and has since wanted to add to her newly started collection. Both she and Aidan decided to select their favorite. Aidan chose a turbo exactly like the one Gracyn currently has. I’m not surprised that he wanted one just like hers. Gracyn chose a shell whose name escapes me. It looks like part of the conch family. I looked online for one like it and it seems to be a spider conch, though the store did not use that term. The prices are right for these little treasures. Most of the shells are around $1 each and the most expensive was a $3.50 sea biscuit. The cashier wrapped each shell in cellophane bags tied up with colorful raffia ribbons. The kids were thrilled with their packages to carry around. The shells are a special treat for my nature buff who has now requested a special shelf to display her specimens. Looking online today I also discovered that The Vintage Flea offers art classes for kids. The summer program is all about animals which would combine two of Gracyn’s loves. We may have to check that out!

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