Recently while reading a new blog I was introduced to The Grocery Store Game. The Grocery Store Game is basically skilling yourself in how to get the most out of the grocery store for as little spending as you can. For $1 you can take a trial at the game. The website asks you to select your preferred grocery store in your area. They give you a list of all the items published and unpublished that are being sold at rock bottom prices. You are also directed to clip coupons from the Sunday paper to use in conjunction with the sale. You should also use your “rewards” card such a Kroger Plus card to maximize savings. I haven’t learned all the ins and outs yet of “playing the game” but I am going to take the challenge this month to see if we really reduce our grocery spending. The “list” puts sale items in Blue, Green and Black. Blue items are the ones you should stockpile because the price is so great. Green items are items you essentially end up getting free (tax is applicable) because of the price and the coupon. Black items are on sale but you should only buy them if you need them. The blogger who introduced me to the game saves about $100 per trip to the grocery store!! Now, as one of my friends pointed out, most coupons are for processed foods. I too had that thought when viewing the list. We rarely eat foods such as these, but we do buy chocolate chips, crackers, juice, some household products and etc… If the expensive Ghiradelli chocolate chips are at rock bottom prices…um…we are getting them! You can view the list as a member (trial or full fledged) and block out items you do not want and then print the items you do want. You take the list, your coupons and rewards card to the store and save, save, save. You do not have to store hop all over town to save. After the month trial, membership is $10 every 8 weeks. You can cancel anytime before the next billing date. I figure $1 is a small risk. I’m curious to see if this really works as I love finding ways to get the things I want on sale. I don’t buy things I don’t want just because they are on sale..after all $2 wasted is $2 I now don’t have! I love all the $ I’m saving with cloth diapering and I’m looking for more ways to keep $ in our pockets so that we can use it for things we really want to do and for people we’d rather share it with. Anyone out there doing this or have any other tips to saving?



  1. Be sure to let me know how it turns out for you, Kim; I’d definitely be interested in such an endeavor!

  2. Our growing family says:

    Hi there! I just came over to your blog and noticed that you are trying The Grocery Game! You will have so much fun! I think it is fun just seeing how much you save! Don’t be too disapointed if you spend the same amount atfirst while you are building your supplies…but you will notice that you end up w/more food for the same price!
    I hope you have fun!
    oh, and I like an email that gets sent to me about savings…I think it is -good stuff!

  3. Thanks Terena! I’d be glad to list you as my referral. It is fun to save like this. I figured my bills would be normal until a good stock was built, but I can already see the vision of what will be.

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