Gracyn received her very first trophy tonight. This year she has been part of our church sponsored program called Covenant Kids. The kids learn Covenant lessons and also participate in choir. The kids go every Wednesday and have dinner before the lessons begin. The kids are challenged to learn a new hymn each month and sing it for the leaders. They are also challenged to learn a pretty big portion of scripture to recite. If they succeed, they receive a trophy of recognition. While they empasize that the real reward is God’s word in your heart, they also want to give them some earthly recognition as well. Gracyn succeeded in learning the whole “Roman’s Road”. Romans road is 6 verses from Romans. The kids could not learn them one at a time and recite one at a time, but rather they had to learn them as a chunk and recite them all strung together. We are really proud of Gracyn for doing this as we had a bit of a uphill battle in doing so. First, I had no idea that it was my job to help Gracyn memorize the verses. I mistakenly thought they were learning them in Covenant Kids. Secondly, her folder with all the verse and requirements were lost in the fire at her Grandparents house. Therefore, she was without a replacement folder for one month while the program was on Christmas break. By time I realized that I was responsible to do the teaching we had one month to make the trophy deadline. Both her teachers and I tried to discourage her from going for the goal. It seemed to be too much pressure for a 6 year old in such a small window of time. Gracyn, however, was not having it. She said she never had a chance to earn a trophy before and really wanted to do it. We worked on it everyday during our Bible time and in the end she did it! She is so proud of her accomplishment and her trophy. She has been beaming all night long. (We didn’t make the goal of learning the hymns this year, but now that I know what is expected she can go for both challenges next year.)

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