I love blasts from the past. Yesterday I had a rare opportunity to see three blasts from my past. I had a whole day with my former roomate and collegue Gina and two of our former students from 3rd and 4th grades back in the late 90’s. Anna is my former student from my 3rd grade class and her twin sister Kate from Miss Janet’s class were in Atlanta! Anna is taking a semester at Covenant college as part of her gap year before starting Uni in England. The twins are English yet spent the majority of their lives in Bangkok. Kate is here to visit her sister for three weeks before they both return to England. So since all four of us were in Georgia at the same time… we had a reunion! We started the day off at the Swan Coach House for a Southern lunch. We toured the grounds of the Swan House and spent some time at a museum highlighting Southern Culture. We then jetted off to The World of Coke. We took a 4-D ride and neither Kate or Anna cried this time! (you have to be a 3rd grader from ICS 1997-98 to get that…think Ripley’s Believe It or Not field trip) We tasted soft drinks from around the world and all agreed that Beverley from Italy is vile! We ended our day eating at Rama 5 of Thailand for a meal. We had a great time reminising and talking about things that only people who lived in Thailand understand. There are so few people we can do that with without getting blank stares and crickets chirping in the background. It is so nice to see our students growing up and becoming. I loved my outing…thanks girls.

(Kate and Anna in the privy)
(ready for the ride)

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