Our big homeschool science experiment at the moment is raising Painted Lady Butterflies. We ordered a kit on-line that contains about 5-6 caterpillars in a container. For the first week the caterpillars just eat some brown substance on the bottom of their container. Then, when they are full and big they crawl to the lid and hang in a J shape. This is the stage right before becoming Chrysalides. This is right where we are. This morning we awoke to find 4 of 6 caterpillars hanging from the lid. As soon as all are hanging, we are to remove them from the container into a butterfly tent. After 2 weeks or so, we should be able to witness the birth of butterflies! The kids have enjoyed watching the caterpillars eat, spin silk and crawl around. They are very excited to see them actually going into the next stage of development. Once the butterflies hatch, we will observe them for a few days and release them into our garden. Sadly, they only live about 2 weeks, but hopefully they will lay more eggs around our yard so the cycle of life will go on!

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