We have finally started the process of gardening. It has been a goal~wish~ desire of mine to have my own little space to enjoy throughout the spring and summer. I really enjoy flowers and cannot imagine a yard without some pretty things to look at. My “borrowed” garden in Thailand was full of orchids, frangipani, bird of paradise, banana palms, pandanus, hibiscus and jasmine. I also had a lime tree. I loved looking out of the windows and seeing a tropical paradise. Since having all that to enjoy, I have come to “need” plants and flowers surrounding me. Today we went to Lowes to begin selecting what kinds of flowers we’d like to have and to see which of those would be affordable. We left without any plants because we realized that we needed to prepare the beds for what we might plant. So we bought dirt, a few tools and a couple seed packets for basil and tomatoes. We never got around to working on the beds due to bad weather and because we decided one of our first tasks would be to weed the yard. We inherited a yard that is replete with weeds. Apparently the previous owners (as told by neighbors) weren’t too concerned about weeds and so we were the recepients of their neglect. In this neighborhood, having weeds is like putting an old car up on cinder blocks in your front yard. We had to show good faith to the neighbors that we indeed recognized our folly and were making an effort. Jack began to pull up weeds by hand but after 30 minutes realized that he might die. He ran to Home Depot to by a “Weed Hog”. He pulled weeds for hours and still we are full of weeds! We will be spraying the lawn soon to help get all the little pests removed. We also have a rather large area with ivy that needs to be killed and pulled. It is quite overgrown and looks sloppy even after we gave it a good trimming months ago. We can remove that and plant nicer things. We are novices at this and hope we can make a space that we can all enjoy. We also hung the glass hummingbird feeder that the kids gave me for my birthday and we put up a couple other bird feeders to attract the birdies. One of my desires is to make the backyard a little “laboratory” for the kids over the summer. They can help garden, bird watch and hopefully attract butterflies. It will be good science learning for the nature buffs. Today they “participated” by collecting the weeds that were pulled, dug in the mud and created extra laundry loads. They had a blast.

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