Basil Pesto with Grilled Chicken and Fettucine
Place two or three handfuls of fresh basil in a food processor. Add two or three garlic cloves. Pour olive oil around the processor bowl about two times around. Add a splash of lemon juice. Throw in a half a palm full of walnuts (or pine if you prefer). Add a handful of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Blend well. Check consistency and add more olive oil if the pesto appears too dry. Set aside. Next take two chicken breast and brush with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper on both sides. Pan grill the breast in a hot pan until golden and cooked through. Remove from pan and allow to rest about five minutes. Slice chicken breasts into thin strips on a bias cut. Toss hot fettucine noodles with pesto and chicken until well coated. Slice about 10 grape tomatoes in half and sprinkle on top of the noodles. Sprinkle extra parmesan cheese on as a garnish. Salt and pepper to your taste. Serve with hot bread. My kids go ga-ga over this meal!

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