This Valentine’s Day I got the cliche. I got two dozen roses and a red, velvet, heart shaped box of chocolates. This was exactly what I wanted. I have never gotten this before for Valentine’s Day because I think men are afraid to give this gift for being considered uncreative or cliche. I have always thought the flowers and chocolates were romantic. I have always thought it to be sweet in a simple way. Simply sweet is good. This morning Jack had to leave for a business trip to San Antonio. I got up to send him off and I had a card and the chocolates waiting at my breakfast spot. When Jack got to the airport in Birmingham, he called and we were able to pass some time while he waited for his delayed flight. While we were on the phone the UPS delivery guy pulled up and delivered my flowers! It was a nice surprise and I don’t think I have ever had flowers delivered to me either! It is nice to have a sweet, thoughtful husband…even if he is in Texas. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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