Tagged…And I don’t know what to do!

Brea just tagged me to air my idiosyncrasies (did I spell that right?). I am supposed to list 5 weird things about myself. Hopefully people will still like me when all is said and done. 🙂

Ok here goes…

1. I like people to talk to me at arm’s length. I do not like close talkers. I find myself backing up when someone gets too much in my space. It makes me feel smothered and creeped out, especially if it is a guy.

2. I am a chronic handwasher. I think I started doing it in Thailand because I felt everything was one big germ. Now everything just seems like a petri dish.

3. Watching someone else brush their teeth makes me gag! I can not watch someone else’s mouth getting all foamy and their spitting it all out. It makes me physically sick to my stomach. I cannot even watch my own husband do this. So if you are brushing in front of me and I turn away…you know why. 😉

4. I bathe twice a day. This shouldn’t be considered weird, but when people find out they give me crazy looks. I shower in the AM and take a bath at night. I can’t sleep well if I don’t wash the day off me and I don’t feel clean and fresh if I don’t shower in the morning. So I solve that by bathing twice. Again, I attribute this to Thailand for the most part because Thai people bathe 2-3 times a day and you do feel sweaty and dirty there a lot. When Thais find out that Americans bathe once a day for the most part they cringe.

5. Looking at clutter makes me crazy. I like things neat and orderly all the time. Clutter and messes make me feel ill at ease. I can tolerate it if it is in the middle of being used but the second it is no longer needed, it better be put away and out of sight! My husband is opposite of this and you can see where most of our clashes may occur. 🙂 I spend a good portion of my day going behind people picking up after them because I know that it is sometimes easier to just pick it up myself than to create issues with the mess makers.

So who is next? I tag Irene and Catherine Rogers.



  1. LivingFree says:

    I never knew bathing twice a day was weird. It’s not in our family, unless of course you are one of my boys, who think that it should only be monthly!

    That clutter thing drives Glenn crazy, but slowly but surely God is freeing him from it. I suppose it has something to do with having 5 kids, soon to be 6. Clutter is unavoidable, with books, toys, clothing, shoes, and such.
    Right now I am looking at my living room strewn with pillows, books, legos and my kids playing in the middle of it! I’ve gotten to the point where it is not easier to go behind them and pick up, they pull out way faster than I pick up, so if I don’t want to create an issue with the mess makers, I just sit down and join them in the mess!

    Love, Christi

  2. Your toothbrushing repulsion made me laugh! And knowing what I do about your hygeine habits now, I’m sure you were appalled to read about my lack thereof!

    Thanks for participating!

  3. Interesting post +1

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