Snow Flakes!

Today the kids got to experience their very first snow flakes! The afternoon started out with a bit of freezing rain and then changed over to snow for over an hour. I yelled to the kids to hurry downstairs and put coats and gloves on. They rushed out as fast as they could with giddy excitment. They danced around in the snow flakes. Gracyn was surprised that she was getting wet…she didn’t quite understand the whole snow concept…but why would she? Later we met the kid’s aunt for dinner and Gracyn was able to scrape together a snow ball from some cars. Lisa let her throw it at her car, which was fun for Gracyn. The evening brought a wintry mix of sleet, snow and rain. We pretty much have rain now at 8 P.M. and all the snow has melted but it was fun for a few hours. (You can’t see the snow in the pictures, but trust is really there!)

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