I decided today that I need to spend more time outdoors. The thing that brought that thought on was that today was the first Saturday since we’ve been home that we have had nothing to do. So that being the case we hung out in the backyard and then spent some time in one of the many parks that Summergrove has. See since we’ve been back in the States ( 5 months now) we have been visiting, being visited, running errands, working and the like. We seriously have not had one family day where we could all be together with no agenda. It has left us pretty exhausted. I am so grateful that the holidays are over. I do love the holidays but having them on top of these last busy months has added to the fatigue. I’m glad to be able to get on with things with no real big anythings planned. Our days will still be full, but it will be a consistent fullness. Today was one of the first days where I could just take a deep breath of the cool air and just enjoy the outside and remember some of the things I do enjoy about America. I was able to be thankful for being able to go outside without being pestered by bugs and heat…I know, I know…just wait a few months right? There were big oak and pecan trees at the park and it all kind of had a quite charm about it. There was also the promise of spring in the air. It has been exceptionally cold lately and we warmed up to 55 degrees today and the air sort of had the promise of flowers, warmth, trees and picnics. For now though I will enjoy the cool weather which makes the spring all the more sweet! The kids enjoyed the day as well and needed a good run about. Jasper even got to take a little ride in the wagon we got the kids for Christmas. It is funny and appropriate how today’s wagons have seats and seat belts and cup holders! The kids love it. Well those are my weekend ramblings!

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