I am learning to feed myself! I can eat these Gerber “puffs” all by myself. I don’t use a pincher grip yet, but my whole fist works just as well for now. I’ve only tried the peach flavored ones but my Mommy bought several other flavors too. Now I can snack while my family eats their meals since I eat before they do. Before long I will eat Cheerios, but they don’t “melt” as quickly as the puffs so I’ll have to wait. I don’t have any teeth yet and I will be 7 months old tomorrow. Mommy thinks it a little odd since my siblings had 4 teeth by the end of their 5th months. She should know by now that I do everything a little differently and on my time table. Everything about me has been unique since the very beginning. I’ve gotta keep my Mommy on her toes!

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