We’ve been in our new home in Newnan for almost a month. Things are finally starting to feel calm again. We’ve been so busy these last few months that we’ve hardly time to breathe. Our house is beginning to feel like a home. All rooms are almost unpacked, pictures still need to be hung, a couch needs removing and some paint still needs to be applied. These are our last frontiers to being settled. We are enjoying our new town of Newnan. Our area is being built up with many amenties like most towns anywhere. The charm of Newnan is that we have many country roads complete with farmscapes. We see horses and cattle in pastures almost daily. We see wide open lands with trees that look very old. We see pecan groves dotted around the city. It is quaint. Perhaps the neatest area is downtown Newnan on the square. There are buildings from the 1880’s and the town has kept that charm. There are plantation homes and old churches. The area has been modernized with these buildings now holding little cafes, bookstores, antique shops and the like. Once a month there is “Newnan Days” where artisans sell their wares to the townsfolk (could totally see Tim Mills hawking wares). It is quite fun to have lemonade and kettle corn vendors selling wares to the people milling around the booths. I have really missed the “bazaar” style of shopping in Thailand and this is just a little taste of that. After wearing yourself out walking around the town, you can stop for lunch at “The Redneck Gourmet”. This is a cheery little cafe where people can be seen having a leisurely weekend breakfast or a deli style lunch. You don’t have to be a redneck to eat there.

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