I have been completely enthralled by Facebook for the last 3 days…hence the lack of posts. Facebook has reconnected me with so many people who have been a part of my history. I am mostly enjoying becoming Facebook friends with my 3rd grade students from International Community School in Bangkok. I taught there from 1996-1998. I was single and discovering myself during those years. My classes were made up of kids from Thailand, Korea, India, Singapore, UK, USA, Australia, Czech, and Taiwan. Those years were some of the most valuable years of my life. I have enjoyed seeing my students as adults as they have been perpetually 9 years old in my mind. They are now studying at universities all over the world. Some are preparing to become doctors, engineers, and into International politics. It is exciting to be a part of that foundation. Of course at times I am learning more than I care to learn about them but overall it has had me smiling for days. I’m amazed at the world. 10 years ago when I left Thailand ( for the first time), I thought I would be saying goodbye to these kids and would just have to wonder how they turned out. Now technology has allowed these relationships to continue. Of course email has served its purpose but you always feel you have to really be intentional and write. I love how Facebook lets you communicate by reading, seeing and hearing. It’s been fun to see their surprise at hearing from me.

In other news…we should be moving within days! Our shipment was scheduled to arrive in Atlanta today. I’m not sure what sort of clearing houses and hoops we will have to jump through now to receive our stuff. However, it shouldn’t be much more of a wait. Now we will just have to get through the move and settling in. I’m giving myself a week to do all the settling once our stuff is delivered. I’ll be so glad to get over this last hurdle in our transition. It will be so good to have places for our things and to have things!! The kids are excited about reuniting with the toys they haven’t seen since July.

I’m done rambling.


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