We just received word that our container of household goods will be leaving Thailand in a few hours time. Our last remnants will be leaving our beloved Thailand. We are excited though that we will be reunited with our things soon-ish. It is hard to live with just a few suitcases worth of stuff for months…especially with 3 children! We are managing. Our container should arrive her around the 20th of November so we still have quite a wait ahead of us. We won’t be able to live in our house until then. We are looking forward to “settling” and “routines”. We are really looking forward to having the kids in separate bedrooms as the sharing isn’t working so well. Poor Gracyn is being kept awake by Aidan who stays awake until 10 PM most nights. What happened to my kid who went to bed at 6:30 just 2 months ago and still took a 3 hour nap during the day??? Those were the days!

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