We found a house! We have been looking over some different homes and finally went out yesterday with our realtor to view homes! We found this adorable house and put in an offer. They countered and we accepted! So this house is almost ours…unless something goes sour in the 11th hour. The owners are motivated to sell as they are relocating and this is a buyer’s market. If all goes well we may find ourselves in this house by the end of October! The neighborhood is huge and provides us with the community feel that we seek. We have a small yard which is not a negative to us. There is less grass to cut and we feel that the fenced in backyard will keep outside play manageable. The main floor has a semi open floor plan which will help me cook and watch the kids. We are super excited. Jack also was offered a job with the company he has been interviewing with for 5 weeks now. He was told that was a fast hire! It often takes 2-3 months. He will be training for 2 months and will not probably make any money until December…a big time of trusting God to provide! He always does somehow. I guess we better arrange for our stuff in Thailand to be shipped now!

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