I think I brought the heat to Georgia with me. It has been practically in the high 90s to 100 degrees since we returned to the States! I actually think Thailand must be cooler than here. We have been roasting and can’t really go outside to play for more than a few minutes. Can autumn really be around the corner? We have had a couple storms since last week. Last Saturday PTC was hit with a big storm that knocked down trees all over town. There was talk of it being a tornado that stayed high up in the air. Several neighbors had downed trees but we were spared! We all took a golf cart ride to survey the damage. We were surprised at how many pine trees were snapped in half! The air smelled like fresh pine which smelled wonderful. Gracyn was a little freaked out because she used to say that she didn’t want to move to the USA because of tornados. We tried to reassure her that tornados didn’t occur often and we probably wouldn’t have one. Well, 3 weeks in and it might have happened. We never knew it was as bad as it was until we went outside and saw the neighbors all gathering to look at our neighbor’s house who had a tree fall on the house. Right now there is a Bobcat out on the golf course gathering downed limbs a week later!



  1. Kim,
    Jasper is adorable! Thanks for the pics!
    Hope you guys are well.

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