We are almost through our first week of Homeschool. It has gone well! Gracyn seems to be enjoying her studies but frequently asks, “are we done yet?” She has yet to appreciate that her 2-3 hours a day is significantly shorter than a 6 hour day at school. She is writing stories, counting by 2s, counting to 100, counting ordinally, enjoying poetry, learning about weather and doing fun science experiements. She can tell you about Martin Luther and William Tyndale (translated the Bible into English from Latin). This is only the 4th day! It continues to surprise me how much faster you can work and learn when you aren’t one of thirty students. We are also reading the first book of The Boxcar Children series. Gracyn is enjoying this book.

We have also begun our search for a home. We contacted a family friend to help us in our search. Rosie promptly gave us 40-50 properties to view. We were given about 5 in the Big Peach, but all of those were pricey for what was offered. You are paying for the postal code and town ameneties. We think we will have to venture about 15 minutes out towards Newnan. There are some nice homes out that direction that fit our budget. We hope to find the right place for our family’s needs within a month or two. It is a little more country which will be a stretch for this city girl but I think I can learn to adapt. We are hoping to find a home in Summergrove which is a huge community. We love a community feel with lots of neighbors and opportunities to develop relationships with other families. It would be similar to our situation in Thailand which we really loved.

We’v eaten Thai food already. We could only go 2 weeks without! We ate at Thai Jasmin on HWY 54 in PTC. It is the most authentic we could find…which still isn’t all that authentic. We had fried rice, phat see ew gai, yellow curry and beef and oyster sauce. It was good but not on par with what you could get in Bkk. It is an acceptable substitute for the beggars who can’t be choosers!

That’s us in a nut shell this week!



  1. Hey C’hams…so glad to hear it’s been a good week at school. Sounds like G. is doing some great things and learning a lot. Wonderful. And how exciting that you’re already house hunting! Praying that God provides all that you need.

    Dana was over tonight and you were on our minds. Talk to you soon…

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