During our first week back in the South, we decided to try out this new Southern style cooking buffet. It had been 4 years since we ate some good Southern food. We took the kids with us and told them that as soon as they ate a bite, they would begin saying Y’all instead of you guys. Gracyn didn’t like the thought of that. The food was great but we really felt like fish out of water. We ate in a dining room full of white, large, southern folks. We truly felt like we didn’t belong! There were deer heads on the wall, thick Southern draws wafting through the air and sweet tea flowing like a fountain. I felt like there was a neon sign over my head saying ” misfit”. The strangest or maybe best part was that all the servers were Asian! I felt comfortable with them. I wanted them to hang out by us so that I would feel normal again. It was a true cultural experience. Look at these eats!

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