Last night our family joined our Thai/Korean neighbors for a feast of Korean BBQ! We went downtown to the Sukhumvit area, where there is a “little Korea” and ate some authentic Korean food. We had BBQ-ed beef, pork, Bim me bop (a rice/veggie/egg dish with chili sauce) and a huge variety of little side dishes typical to a Korean meal. Our host, Mr. Kim, booked a private upper room for our gathering. We removed our shoes outside the door and they were placed in little compartments. We all sat around a long table on cushions while our feet dangled in a hole under the table or were crossed “Indian style”. We eat an authentic Korean meal with this family twice a year as a way to fellowship as families. The kids were all treated to Jolly Pong after the meal which is a snack/breakfast cereal similar to Sugar Smacks in the States. Aidan loves Jolly Pong and since our friends always give us a huge stash, he has it for breakfast most mornings. Mr. Kim then took the kids to the Korean mini-mart and bought the kids imported Korean ice creams. We love this bi-yearly treat. The food is soooo good and we enjoy having this time with our friends.


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