I’m feeling the need to savor things. In two weeks and two days, we will be on a plane headed for the States. Little by little it is hitting me that we are leaving. I’m starting to want to cling to the Thai experience. I wish I had more time to do some of the little things that make Thailand well…Thailand. Last night I was in a taxi returning home after hanging out with some of my friends on the team and I just tried to soak up all the sights. In time it will be hard to remember the dirt, smells and other difficulties of being here. All that will remain will be the sweet memories of living here. I want to have some more Thai experiences in these last weeks. I thought today about what I would do to savor Thailand. If I had all the time I wanted, I would go to Hua Hin one last time for a beach trip with the family. We have had so many good times as a family and a team there. I would get a foot massage. I would get my hair washed…which was a favorite Thai thing for me to do when we lived downtown. Now it is too much effort to get to a salon. I would go out for the perfect Thai meal of all my favorite foods. I would shop at Naraya Phand, which is one of my favorite places to buy Thai handicrafts. I would take a train ride through the country side and enjoy all the beauty that we rarely get to see. I would go snorkling in Phuket and take in all the wonders of the sea. I would visit the KT Guest house in the the Northern part of the city where I spent my first summer in Thailand in 1994. I would eat there and enjoy some of the best food. I would walk the grounds and remember that experience that ultimately brought me back here. I would visit the old ICS campus where I was a teacher and think of all the precious 3rd graders I had who are now in college! I would take Gracyn to Bangkok Gardens and show her where she lived as an infant. I would try to bottle up the memories of my children’s lives here so that they would never forget this place they have called home. I would spend more time with our team mates since I missed out on so much time with them this past year. Lastly, I would take one last trip to Singapore…my second love in South East Asia. I know it isn’t a Thai experience but I’d never have experienced Singapore if it weren’t for Thailand! Moving is a funny thing. Your last weeks anywhere are spent doing tasks and things that really aren’t fun but are neccesary to leave. You want to capture all the wonderful things but you can’t. It feels a little cruel, but I know there is just not another way to move. I just need a good shot of acceptance.


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