I have been busy sorting through all our stuff that we have accumulated over the years. I have thrown away tons of junk and have started a box of things we can’t take back to the States with us that hopefully others will take off our hands. Everyday I find more stuff to be sorted through. uuugghh. Moves are always stressful, and I have moved every 2 years since I was 18 years old…I’m counting college moves from dorm to dorm as well. The only thing I like about moving so much is the opportunity to downsize our belongings. I’m not too tolerant of clutter and Jack is the opposite. These moves give me the opportunity to encourage the letting go of some things. There is some freedom in simplifying. Give me garbage bags and I will fill them! I have just about 2 more weeks to get us organized and ready for our move from this house. I’m cleaning all the inches of dust, splatters and spills that accumulated during my bedrest and tossing many of the little “treasures” our kids keep bringing into the house. I have picked up umpteen scraps of paper, crushed seashells, chewed crayons (that one is on Gigi), dried up Playdoh cans and so much more! My goal is to get the house ready for the movers. The moving companies insist on packing everything themselves for insurance purposes. So all I really have to do is clean, sort and throw or give away all our non-essentials. I’m so glad that I don’t have to box everything or I’d be a basket case. The newborn phase isn’t the greatest time to have to do all these things so I’m so thankful to let someone else pack. The prep work is about all I can manage with 3 kids to care for. Even the prep work seems endless. However, I have to leave this house on July 26th regardless of feeling prepared or not. The whole thing feels pretty surreal right now. In some ways life is going on normally (whatever that is) and I don’t feel like we are leaving, yet in 20 days we will be back in the US for the first time in 4 years. I’m curious as to how my kids will react to a culture they only know through us. How will Jack and I react? We’ve changed as well. It will be interesting to say the least.


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