I am a soon to be 3rd time mom, yet I feel too much like a first time mom with this pregnancy. I really thought that by the 3rd time around that I would be more in tune with my body and would surely know for sure when my labor would start. The first two labors were so easy to detect. This time I can’t tell if I’m coming or going. Yesterday I had contractions all day long in the range of 15-30 minutes apart for the entire day! I told Jack I would be blown away if yesterday turned out to not be the day. By 9:30 P.M. everything settled down and I went to sleep. Jack and I both expected that I would wake in the wee hours of the night ready to head for the hospital, but instead I got a full nights sleep! At least I do know not to jump in the car with every contraction. I am thankful that I do know that contractions need to increase in intensity and time span before grabbing a suitcase, so that was never an issue yesterday. I just patiently waited the day out hoping that things would really start to pick up as the day progressed. Jack and I got everything ready for all contingencies. We got the infant car seat ready, washed and sterilized some Avent bottles and Mam pacifiers (my favorites), went through a box of baby supplies to take out other equipment we would need and Jack even got out his fleece pull over for labor and delivery. The room tends to be too cold for the expectant fathers and just right for laboring mothers! This morning has been pretty calm and quiet. I have had the occasional contraction today but nothing noteworthy. Could this be the quiet before the storm? All I know now is that we will have a June baby after all!


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