I am 9 days away from my due date and feeling like this baby will never be born. This is the longest pregnancy I have had to date! I know I should be more patient since many people go to their due dates and beyond, but I have never. So what is actually quite normal is starting to feel like a life sentence. I have been more irritable lately, which hopefully is a sign that my hormones are trying to rev up to start this labor! I’m still not looking forward to being in pain, but staying pregnant isn’t all that easy either. I have another prenatal check-up and non-stress testing tomorrow. I’m really close to going to get a foot massage. Supposedly reflexology on your feet can be labor inducing. It may be a coincidence, but I did have a foot massage when I was pregnant with Aidan and I did go into labor the very next day. So part of me is a “believer”. However, it didn’t work for two of my pregnant friends. Even if it doesn’t work, at least your swollen feet feel better for a few hours. That is worth it…right?


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