I thought yesterday was going to be the day, but here I still sit. I had Braxton Hicks contractions ALL DAY yesterday. I couldn’t believe how they lasted. They weren’t painful, but just persistant. They weren’t enough to send me waddling for my hospital bag and I never thought of getting in the car, but I had visions of waking at 2 A.M. groggy and heading for labor and delivery. Thankfully by 9 P.M. things calmed down. I would love to be fully rested going into labor…wouldn’t we all? Today has been relatively calm considering yesterday’s activity. I’ve been reading up on
The Bradley Methodof natural childbirth trying to psyche myself up. I’m making no promises. I’m going into this with a “let’s see” attitude. Natural childbirth sounds like a really good thing. I hope to be able to live up to it, but I know my threshold of pain is probably a low one. I keep hearing stories of women who show up to the hopsital in labor with hardly a pain and are 5 to 6 cms dialated. I am happy for them…really…but we all know that is not the story for most of us. It’s better to be realistic and accept that childbirth is hard. Gone are the days of being completely knocked out and strapped to a table…thankfully. I want to be present and to see my baby come into this world and have him placed on my stomach straight away…but can I be one of those women this time who have nary a pain and show up 6 cms along too…please… and with a cherry on top?


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