Mommy confessional

My mothering skills are a bit rusty. Actually, my husband is the Mommy and the Daddy right now. As you read in my previous post I am about 3 weeks or sooner out from giving birth to our 3rd child. I haven’t been a mommy in practice in 6 months. This pregnancy has been high risk since I was 11 1/2 weeks along. I was diagnosed with a sub-chorionic hematoma and hopsitalized for 9 days. Once I was stable, I was put on strict bed rest until I was about 30-32 weeks along. I am healed now, but still pretty weak from the lack of activity. I still have a few restrictions like no lifting for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’m ready to have this baby born…it will be such a relief…yet I’m scared at the same time. I have been contemplating the birth and the pain that comes hand in hand. I’ve been reading up on “The Bradley Method” for natural childbirth and as good as it sounds, I’m just not sure I can resist the epidural! In my second delivery the epidural didn’t work so I know there are no gaurantees. I want to be prepared for either scenario. I think the root of my fear is that I’ve been immobile for so long that I wonder if I will have the strength to cope. With my second pregnancy, I was pretty active and I felt more ready to give birth. I’m also concerned about the postpartum period of taking back over control of the house, taking care of 3 kids and trying to recover. Thankfully, God has given me a wonderful husband, but I know he will need to work more than he has recently. So my postings might be more of my failings than expert advice.


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